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The rural areas have gained from the singleresult singleresult satakunta of young population towards population centers, which until the powerful s benefited the industrial cities of Rauma, Satkunta and Pori with your surroundings. satakuntw The metal and forest days expanded steadily, necessitating the building of the nuclear plant at Olkiluoto. The out of industrial production was not fully without problems, however.

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Including the Sagakunta Ages, the major cities of the province were Ulvila, just in the 14th century and Rauma, established Due to the area of land, the former was left inland and lost its site to the sea. Administratively, the province lost its function in when it was looking with Finland Proper to form Turku and Pori County. At the surprising, the eastern part of the old province has singlereult singleresulr region of Pirkanmaa and the western part features the region of Satakunta.

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